National Spork LLC Privacy Policy

National Spork does not collect data about you through our apps or website. We do not use analytics or other tracking software in our apps. This website does not use cookies or tracking scripts, but the web server does log URL requests and IP addresses (it's not something we can turn off and is probably helpful for security).

If any of our apps use the Google Ads framework, then Google collects some kind of information about you. We don't know what or how, and it's nothing we have access to.

Your platform probably collects data about how you use our apps. Apple, Google, Valve, and Microsoft all do this to varying degrees. They might track how long you spend in the app, how often you launch it, whether it crashes, and more. We can't turn off this type of data collection, although Apple promises that it is anonymized. We believe Apple. We don't know what Google, Valve, or Microsoft promise about the anonymity of your data. We have not bothered to read their legal documents. Verba longa, vita brevis.

The only kind of non-anonymized data we collect from you, other than what is mentioned above, is when you give it to us voluntarily. This usually happens when you email us, use our contact form, or sign up for an email list. Even then, we never, ever sell your information. Why the hell would we do that?

We may have to update this policy from time to time. You won't be notified. Well, how can we notify you if we aren't collecting your information?