Hazmat Hijinks FAQ

April 18, 2018

How long does the game take?

A full play through of Hazmat Hijinks takes about four hours minimum if you don’t make any mistakes. It will probably take you much longer though. If you spend an average of 15 minutes in each level, it will take you 24 hours to finish the game. Some levels will go much more quickly than 15 minutes, but many will take you much longer.

How are the warehouses and factories different from other levels?

Most levels are meant to induce the player to think creatively and have a certain insight. For more variety, the warehouses are intentionally tricky and the factories are more action-oriented.

What do the blue dots on completed levels mean?

I’m hoping that people will figure this out on their own, but I’ll tell you that it relates to whether there is a secret in the level, and whether it has been discovered.

I’m having trouble! Can I get a hint?

I’ve posted a number of videos to YouTube, including a walkthrough of the entire game. If you can’t figure something out, just consult the video to see how to do something. This way I don’t have to dumb down the game or provide hints.

However, I do provide hints of a kind, now and then. And the world maps are structured in such a way that you might get stuck on something, then play ahead on a different path, and discover the answer to what you were stuck on.

What’s going on with the blue and yellow barrels?

The blue barrels are what you need to collect to complete each level of the game. There are also golden barrels hidden in 32 of the levels. This is a separate and optional challenge.