Hazmat Hijinks

Available for macOS, iOS, and Windows

Hazmat Hijinks is a unique indie game in which you don various hazmat suits in your quest to rescue a pet fox. It has a Mario-like map screen, lots of secrets, multiple ways to finish, awesome music, and probably about 24 hours of gameplay for the average player. I spent over a year making it. It's a serious effort.

This game doesn't really fit in with what's popular today. It's uncompromising. It's challenging, though not impossible. I refused to dumb it down. However, if you need a hint, I created a walkthrough of the entire game.

A scene from Hazmat Hijinks.

I created the game to AAA standards, although within the framework of an older 8 or 16 bit style. The levels are very carefully thought out to teach you the basic concepts and ramp up the difficulty as you work your way to the explosive ending.

Hazmat Hijinks was somewhat inspired by Chip’s Challenge, but takes the top-down tile based puzzle genre in a fresh new direction. While I do have fond memories of playing Chip’s Challenge as a kid, my goal never was to copy it. I started with the hazmat suit mechanism. I thought that different colored suits matching up with different toxic hazards would be a pretty good basis for a game. I explored many different styles for the game, but decided that a top-down tile-based idiom would best encapsulate the idea.

I like to say that the game is like Chip’s Challenge plus Mario 3 and Mario World. Those are my main stylistic inspirations, as well as other games I played as a kid. But it’s fair to say that my game isn’t like anything else, either. I worked very hard to create original levels and ideas.

Hazmat Hijinks doesn’t have instructions or a whole lot of in-game help. I believe that thinking and figuring things out is fun. If I told you what to do, there would be no game. I intended the game to be self-teaching. The levels are designed so that they focus on one or two core ideas, and there is a logical progression from one level to the next. Each level builds on the last. Best of all, once you learn something, you don’t have to keep repeating it tediously, like in some puzzle games. I just keep introducing new ideas and situations.

To make it easier for players, I created several levels of difficulty from which you can choose:

Easy: Take the easier pathway through each world. You’ll skip 2/3 of the goals and still be able to complete the game.

Medium: Also finish every level in each of the 4 regular worlds.

Hard: Also find the 32 golden barrels and 4 secret exits.

Difficult: Also finish every level in the secret world.